Find Duplicate Individuals ~ User Interface Tab

Use the Result Set Limits to adjust the sensitivity of the detection process and the run time performance.

If the Names Assessment plus Event Assessment for two Individuals does not attain the Individual Threshold, then their Relations are not assessed, and they are excluded from the results.

If after assessing their Relations the total score is less than the Results Minimum Score, they are excluded from the results.

The Result Set best candidates list is limited to the Results Maximum Rows.

To avoid exceeding available memory the internal results list is curtailed when it reaches the Memory Conservation limit.

The Default Settings button restores the values shown on the right.

The Restore GUI Defaults button restores the installation defaults of all GUI window positions and sizes, and on the Find Duplicates Tab resets the Include Individuals last Updated from this Date field and selects all the Individual Records.

The Erase Soundex Cache button clears the cache of previously Soundex coded Names & Places.

Use the Set Window Fonts button to Set Window Fonts and Colours.

User Interface Tab

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