Find Duplicate Individuals ~ Result Set

To improve run time performance, if the Names Assessment plus Event Assessment for two Individuals does not attain 12 points, then their Relations are not assessed, and they are excluded from the results.

If after assessing their Relations the total score is less than 1 point, then they are also excluded from the results.

The better the match, the higher the score, and the best 100 scores are listed in a Result Set both as a percentage and as total points, along with the points awarded in the assessment categories. The Result Set can be printed or saved to file.

Default Result Set

In the Result Set, hold down the Shft key and select two adjacent Individual Records, and then use Edit > Merge/Compare Records and click OK. The two records are then shown side by side, allowing the details to be analysed, matched/discarded, and merged/cancelled as necessary.

To exclude Candidates that have been assessed as definitely NOT Duplicates, then use the Omit Non-Duplicates Tab.

The Plugin allows the previous Result Set to be redisplayed at any time, so the assessment of Candidates does not have to be completed in one session. As Candidates are merged or omitted, their entries will be excluded from this Result Set.

To display a breakdown of the scores, Enable Diagnostic Mode and Including Timespan Dates may be selected on the Find Duplicates Tab, even if not selected for the original Result Set.

The points described above are default values that can be adjusted on the Set Preferences Tab ~ User Interface Tab.

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