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Find Duplicate Individuals ~ Omit Non-Duplicates Tab

The Omit Non-Duplicates tab lists the pairs of Candidate Duplicates from the Result Set, and allows any entries to be moved to a list of Non-Duplicates, which will be excluded from any subsequently displayed Result Set.

Use the Move All button to simply move all entries. Otherwise, use the Select All and Select None buttons, together with the usual Shft or Ctrl keys and left-mouse clicks to select the entries, then use the Move Selected button.

Omit Non-Duplicate Tab

Similarly, any entries in the list of Non-Duplicates may be selectively removed and returned to the Result Set.

The Erase List button, or Erase Selectd button with all entries selected have a confirmation pop-up to avoid accidental total erasure.

Erase Non-Duplicates List ?

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