Find Duplicate Individuals ~ Family & Gender

Family Checks

Assessment of Individuals against their immediate family members is excluded. These family members are Spouse, Sibling, Parent, Child, Grand-Parent, and Grand-Child, defined by a Generation Gap of 2 or less. This is because there is a strong likelihood of similar names & events, such as with twins, which would result in false candidate duplicates. Anyway, duplicates in such close family relations would soon be spotted manually.

If the Individuals are not immediate family, but are closely related with a Generation Gap of 6 or less, then 5 points are deducted according to the size of their Generation Gap. The smaller the gap the more points deducted.

The Generation Gap is defined as the sum of the number of generations up from each of the two Individuals to their nearest common ancestor.

Gender Checks

The Plugin deducts 10 points if the two Individual Records have a different Gender recorded, and deducts another 10 points if the two best matching Child Records have a different Gender recorded.

The points and other parameters described above are default values that can be adjusted on the Set Preferences Tab ~ Family & Gender Tab.

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