Find Duplicate Individuals ~ Event Matching Tab

These settings adjust the Event Assessment for each Individual pair and their Relations.

If the two Start Dates or the two End Dates for a pair of Events fall within the Dates Tolerance then either may gain the Dates Matched points.

If the Date timespans overlap then the Dates Overlap points are added.

If the Dates Minimum score is not reached, then the Dates Deduction score applies, and Place Name parts NOT assessed.

Place Part Right sets the award for a perfect Place Name part match in a matching position.
Place Part Other sets the award for a perfect Place Name part match but in any other position.
Place Part Soundex sets the award for a Soundex code match for any Place Name part not awarded above.
These three awards are accumulated for each matching Place Name part.

To avoid overwhelming the results when there are many matches, Event Maximum limits the score per Event pair.

The Default Settings button restores the values shown on the right.

Event Matching Tab

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