Find Duplicate Individuals ~ Date Chronology Tab

These options affect Date Timespans, Synthesised Dates, and Chronology Checks.

Dates Timespan sets the timespan for a Date Period or Date Range when only one date is defined.
Dates Variance sets the timespan for an Approximate, Calculated, or Estimated date that only defines the year.

Pregnancy Duration defines the assumed length of a pregnancy.
Min Puberty Age defines the minimum age of puberty.
Min Marriage Age defines the minimum age for marriage.
Max Fertile Age defines the maximum age of female fertility.
Max Lifespan Age defines the maximum estimated lifespan.

Each Chron Magnitude discrepancy between a pair of faulty Chronology Dates accumulates a 1 point deduction.
The scale of Months runs through 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, and so on in steps of 6 up to 120.
If the Chron Tolerance points deduction is exceeded, then the two Individuals being assessed are excluded from the results.

The Default Settings button restores the values shown on the right.

Date Chronology Tab

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