Find Duplicate Individuals ~ Date Chronology

Date Timespans

Every Date is considered to have a Start Date and End Date timespan.

For any Date Period, Date Range, or Quarter Date these are the earliest and latest dates that could apply, so Between Mar 1888 and 1890 would start 1 Mar 1888 and end 31 Dec 1890. If only one date is supplied such as After 1 Mar 1888, then the other date is set 50 years away, so in this case the timespan would start 1 Mar 1888 and end 1 Mar 1938.

Any single Date is treated similarly, so 1 Feb 1777 starts & ends on 1 Feb 1777, whereas 1666 starts 1 Jan 1666 and ends 31 Dec 1666. If a single Date only defines the year and is Approximate, Calculated, or Estimated, then 5 years are added before and after, so 1666 (app) starts 1 Jan 1661 and ends 31 Dec 1671.

Synthesised Dates

To assist with Chronology checks, many missing Event Date timespans are Synthesised from other Events including those of Relatives.

If for example a person’s Birth Date is missing, then its timespan may be set to the 100 years preceding their Death, or the period of their Mother’s child bearing years.

Synthesised Dates are NOT used in the Event Assessment, but they may be used to Synthesise other missing Event Dates.

Chronology Checks

The chronological order of Event Dates is checked, and if for example the Birth of one Individual comes after the Baptism/Christening of the other, or the Marriage of one comes after the Death/Burial/Cremation of the other, then points are deducted. The checks extend to Relatives to see for example if one Individual was born before the other’s Mother or Father were of child bearing age.

1 point is deducted for each 12 Months (or part thereof) of difference between each pair of faulty Chronology Dates.

If more than 20 points are deducted, then the two Individuals being assessed are excluded from the results.

The points and other parameters described above are default values that can be adjusted on the Set Preferences Tab ~ Date Chronology Tab.

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