Export Gedcom File ~ (GSP) GedStar Pro for Android


GedStar Pro for Windows is needed to convert the exported GEDCOM file to Android SQLite Database format as described in the Import Details below. Visit http://www.gedstarpro.com/ for details.

This product offers one of the more complete GEDCOM implementations.

The Character Set Encoding options for ANSI and UTF-8 work, but not all Unicode characters are supported in the Android app.

Some fields in the Android app apply HTML encoding to support URL hyperlinks, so those fields have characters such as & " ' < > converted to the HTML encodings &amp; &quot; &apos; &lt; &gt; respectively.

Most Media conversion modes are allowed.

See both the (GSP+) Full Data Export Details and (GSP-) Brief Data Export Details below.

(GSP+) Full Data Export Details

All the (Sdr) Standard Gedcom Draft 5.5.1 rules apply except as defined below.

Header Record (HEAD)

★ Named List Entry (_LIST, _FLAG, _NOTE, _IDS)

See Extra Options tab Named List Entry 1 _LIST:

The details of each Named List are placed in a synthesised Source Record whose TITLe starts with Ω Named List:, and each associated Individual/Family Record has a link to the Source Record.

★ File Root (_ROOT)

See Extra Options tab File Root 1 _ROOT:

The File Root details are placed in a synthesised Source Record whose TITLe starts with Ω File Root:, and the associated Individual Record is linked to this record.

The Individual Record itself is moved to just after the HEADer record to be treated as the root record.

★ Other Tags (FILE, _VAR, _UID, SUBM)

These tag lines are all removed.

Individual & Family Records (INDI, FAM)

★ Name Fields (NICK, GIVN, SPFX, SURN, _USED)

Any Nickname is enclosed in "quotes" and placed before the Surname. See Other Options tab Person Nickname 2 NICK:

Other Individual Name fields are moved to a labelled Record local Note otherwise they upset the name:
See Other Options tab Name Given 2 GIVN: that is moved to a Name Given: label.
See Other Options tab Surname Prefix 2 SPFX: that goes to a Surname Prefix: label.
See Other Options tab Surname 2 SURN: that is moved in to a Surname: label.
See Extra Options tab Given Name 2 _USED: that is moved to a Given Name: label.

★ Custom Attribute (_ATTR)

See Extra Options tab Custom Attribute 1 _ATTR:

Each custom Attribute is converted to a custom Fact using the FACT tag, with any associated value retained on the tag line instead of a local Note.

★ Individual/Family Tags (ALIA, ANCI, DESI, SUBM)

Each tag is converted to a synthetic custom Fact using the FACT tag with any value on the same line.

★ Pedigree (PEDI, _PEDI)

The child Pedigree status is moved to the Record local Note with a Relationship: label.

★ Fact Age (AGE)

See Other Options tab Fact Person Age 2 AGE: & Fact Husband Age 2 HUSB: & Fact Wife Age 2 WIFE:

Each AGE field is moved to the Fact local Note with an Individual's Age: or Male/Lady Partner Age: label.

Place Records (_PLAC)

★ Place Record (_PLAC, STAN, STAT, MAP, LATI, LONG)

See Extra Options tab Place Record 0 @P%d+@:

Each Place record is converted to a synthesised Source record of type Place Details and all values are retained, including linked Media. ​Wherever possible, the Source record is cited by any associated Place field, or its parent field.

Submitter & Submission Records (SUBM, SUBN)

Each Submitter & Submission record is converted to a synthetic Source record named Ω Submitter: or Ω Submission: plus the record Name and Id, with all details in the local Note.

Date Field (DATE)

See Extra Options tab Date Field %d DATE:

Usually Date field words are in UPPER case, but they are converted to Title case, e.g. AFTER JAN 1900 becomes After Jan 1900.

Updated Change (CHAN)

See Extra Options tab Update 1 CHAN:

The Updated CHANge date/time tags are all Removed entirely.

(GSP-) Brief Data Export Details

All the (Sdr-) Standard Gedcom Draft 5.5.1 Brief Data Export Details apply together with the (GSP+) Full Data Export Details defined above, except that all the Header Record (HEAD) tags mentioned are removed.

Import Details

Run GedStar Pro for Windows and on its Database tab click the Select Database… button. Then in the Open window select GEDCOM Files (*.ged) lower right, and navigate to the fh Plugin Export Folder to choose the Project…GSP UTF8.ged file and click Open. Set the Handheld Database Name that you want for your Android device.

On the Events tab click Select All to ensure all Events are ticked.

On the Sources tab ensure all Source options are ticked.

On the Options tab tick Include memos/notes and Keep original line breaks (CONT) and Include user-defined reference IDs.

On the Photos tab select all the options required.

Return to the Database tab and use File > Save As… to preserve the option settings, then click Convert Database before transferring the Android SQLite Database created file to your Android device. The easiest transfer method is via Dropbox or Google Drive, but can also be performed via a USB cable connection by using Windows Explorer to copy the .gedstar file from the My Documents\GedStar Pro folder on Windows to the Internal storage\GedStarPro folder on Android.

Database tabOptions tab

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