Change Any Fact Tag ~ Status & Settings tab

This tab provides counts of how many Tags have been Skipped, Deleted, or Changed and how many Warnings have occurred for the last alteration, and also totals for this Plugin session.

Status & Settings tab

Tick Log Edits to File to create a historical record of all changes for each Plugin session. The log file path and name is shown below the options.

Use Pattern Filters to choose whether Value, Date, and Place Filter Options are Plain Text, or Patterns similar to Regular Expressions as per Understanding Lua Patterns.

Use Confirm all Edits to determine whether the Confirm Edit window appears for edits.

Use Show all Warnings to determine whether to show or hide Warning Messages.

Use View & Delete Log Files button to open the View & Delete Log Files window.

Use Restore Default Settings button to reset window positions and settings options to default values.

Use Set Window Fonts button to Set Window Fonts and Colours.

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