Change Any Fact Tag ~ Individual Records tab

This tab allows any Individual Record level 1 Event, Attribute, Tag, or UDF to be deleted or changed if it is a valid alteration.

The popular changes of Christening to Baptism and Baptism to Christening are on two predefined buttons.
Note that any Christening Event with a subordinate FAMC parent family link will lose it if changed to a Baptism Event.

Individual Records tab

To Delete a Fact or Tag, choose a Source Tag Set and Source Tag Name, and use the Delete every… button enabled to the left.

To Change a Fact or Tag, first choose a Source Tag Set and Source Tag Name, then a Target Tag Set and Target Tag Name, and use the button enabled to the right.

Source Tag Set List The Source Tag Set and Target Tag Set dropdown lists may include:

  • Standard Fact Set predefined by Family Historian
  • Custom Fact Set(s) previously installed by the user
  • <Custom Facts> for Facts not defined in a Fact Set
  • <Defined Tags> for all other predefined level 1 Tags
  • <UDF Tags> for Uncategorised Data Field level 1 Tags

The Source Tag Name and Target Tag Name dropdown lists will include all available Facts or Tags from the chosen Source Tag Set and Target Tag Set respectively, but the Source… lists will include only those used by the current Project. Facts with <hidden> visibility will be suffixed by <hidden>.

The chosen Source Tag Name may be filtered by Value, Date, Place and Records as defined by Filter Options.

After a Delete or Change button is clicked the Confirm Edit window appears with further options.

The Plugin has special features to help Change UDF Tags into valid Facts/Tags.

See the Usage Examples section for an introductory tutorial.

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