Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings ~ Version History

This describes the key features added to recent versions.

Features of V2.8

  • Minor improvement of support for Crossover and Wine
  • Fixes problem when run from standalone Gedcom mode
  • Fixes problem when Plugin Window is minimised and closed

Features of V2.7

  • Improves syncing the Backup Data folder path Plugin Data setting across PC

Features of V2.6

  • Supports fh Program Version later than Backup Data Version for version digits > 9 and fh Beta versions
  • Options tab has a button to Open Backup Folder in Windows File Explorer
  • Fixes problems with syncing some Plugin Data settings across PC

Features of V2.5

  • Further minor updates for fh V6.2 and later, that have no Tutorial files
  • Options tab allows fh Program Version to be later than Backup Data Version
  • Options tab Diagnostic Mode now also retains temporary files and Restore Defaults button checks Crossover Registry Keys tables

Features of V2.4

  • Revised to cope with new Application Data Preferences folder in fh V6.1
  • Supports Unicode characters within the Windows Registry values
  • Other minor updates for fh V6.1

Features of V2.3

  • Revised to cope with very large Map Cache of files in fh V6.0

Features of V2.2

  • Supports fh V6.0 and excludes Map Cache files

Features of V2.1

  • Support for Apple Mac with Crossover and Wine
  • Enhanced support for networked and NAS drives
  • Caters for fh sub-versions greater than 9 e.g. 5.0.11

Features of V2.0

  • Includes the …Public Documents\Calico Pie\Family Historian\Tutorial Files folder
  • Includes User …AppData\Roaming\Calico Pie\Family Historian\Plugin Data folder
  • Offers a new interface design that supports any fonts
  • Improved support for networked and NAS drives

Features of V1.9

  • Improved support for networked drives for FHUG tests, but not in Plugin Store.

Features of V1.8

  • Options tab to Use Dated Sub-folders to allow multiple backups
  • Options tab to Enable Diagnostic Mode to debug Command Prompt popups
  • Support for networked drive names such as \\NAME\ in place of C:\

Features of V1.7

  • Cope with 1-hour Daylight Saving Time (GMT/BST) offsets in file time stamps
  • Ensure user interface window background is white in all PC configurations

Features of V1.6

  • Options tab to Allow RESTORE Registry Data to be set on/off
  • PC dependent file paths omitted from the Registry Data Backups
  • Introductory IMPORTANT PLEASE READ message added
  • Initial Plugin Store version

V1.0 to V1.5

  • FHUG Work In Progress development versions
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