Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings ~ Advice

This page offers advice on using the Plugin under various circumstances.

Moving from PC to PC

When upgrading from an old PC to a new PC follow the steps below:

  1. Install Family Historian with the same latest version on both PC.
  2. Download Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings from the Plugin Store and install on both PC.
  3. On the old PC use the Plugin Backup tab to Backup all settings to your Default Backup Folder.
  4. Use Windows File Explorer (Windows key + E) to copy this folder and your Projects from old PC to new PC via say a USB pen drive.
  5. On the new PC in fh ensure the File > Project Window > Location: and the Tools > Preferences > Startup > Default Startup File and Tools > Preferences > Backup > Default Backup Folder are set correctly as these are NOT included in the Backup Data.
  6. On the new PC use the Plugin Restore tab to Restore all settings from your Default Backup Folder.

On some versions of Windows and disk filing systems, Daylight Saving Time (DST/GMT/BST) can cause a 1 hour offset between Program Data and Backup Data date-time stamps, but is automatically accommodated by the Plugin.

Known Limitations

  • Diagram Background Picture files, or any Box Icon files NOT stored within the Family Historian Program Data Folder Icons sub-folder may not transfer successfully from PC to PC. This is because the full path for such files is stored in the Family Historian data. If an identical path does not exist on both PC then the Background Picture or Box Icon will vanish from the associated Diagram on the destination PC. The image files and the ImageList.txt file saved in the Plugin Backup folder allow the settings to be reselected one by one.
  • Folder and file names must be represented in the ANSI character set. This is unlikely to be a problem, because most programs, including Family Historian, will not handle non-ANSI names correctly. This limitation is in the LUA Filing System library.
  • When copying folders the Plugin will fail if the folder contains 'hard links'. This is unlikely to be a major problem, because Family Historian data folders do not contain 'hard links'. This limitation is in the LUA Filing System library.

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