Ancestral Sources Data Entry ~ Version History

This describes the key features added to recent versions.

Features of V4.7

  • Bug fix for occasional IUP user dialogue issues.

Features of V4.6

  • Better handling of installed versions of AS program

Features of V4.5

  • Fixed a problem when handling an unavailable FHUG website
  • Fixed a problem when reporting no installed AS application

Features of V4.4

  • Upgraded for FH V6 IUP 3.11.2

Features of V4.3

  • Inactive buttons are more greyed-out and have a popup message

Features of V4.2

  • Detects how many copies of AS are installed, and gives User Options if not just a single copy at the latest version

Features of V4.1

  • Automatically detects new versions of AS added to the FHUG Downloads

Features of V4.0

  • Works with Ancestral Sources Version 4.0 or any earlier version
  • Support for Death Editor and Burial Editor options
  • Support for F1 key to open Help and Advice pages

Features of V3.3

  • Works with any of the Ancestral Sources Versions
  • Automatically finds the Ancestral Sources installation path
  • Offers a new interface design that supports any fonts ~ see User Options
  • Some settings are saved per Project, some per User, and some per PC ~ see FAQ

Features of V3.2

  • Works only with Ancestral Sources Version 3.2
  • Automatically check version in Plugin Store
  • Ensure user interface window background is white in all PC configurations

Features of V3.1

  • Works only with Ancestral Sources Version 3.1
  • Better Ancestral Sources Not Found help wording

Features of V3.0

  • Works only with Ancestral Sources Version 3.0
  • Support for Marriage Editor and Add Images to Sources
  • Support for Close on 'Save Entry to File' option
  • Version number aligned with Ancestral Sources Version

Features of V1.1 to V1.7

  • Minor bug fixes and code revisions
  • Added user font option, tool tips, help, and other minor updates
  • Revised settings folder for standalone GEDCOM, and revised coding style
  • Now preserves settings for both Projects and standalone GEDCOM files
  • Remembers some settings for each different PC environment
  • Caters for multi-monitor virtual-screen multi-PC environments
  • Caters for Ancestral Sources installed in a non-default folder
  • Provides web links to Ancestral Sources download & advice pages
  • Preserves the Plugin window positions and settings per Project

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