Ancestral Sources Data Entry ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some data entry buttons greyed-out?

Ancestral Sources is a free ancillary program under development by a member of the FHUG.

Some of its planned features have not yet been implemented, so the associated buttons are disabled.

In due course these buttons will become active in both this Plugin and Ancestral Sources itself.

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Where does this Plugin save its settings?

In each folder below the settings are saved in an Ancestral Sources Data Entry.dat file.

  • The Close on 'Save Entry to File' option is saved per {Project} in the folder:
    …\Family Historian Projects\{Project} \{Project} .fh_data\Plugin Data\
    or a similar folder for standalone GEDCOM files.
  • Window positions & sizes and Set Window Fonts and Colours are saved per {User} in the folder:
    C:\Users\{User} \AppData\Roaming\Calico Pie\Family Historian\Plugin Data\
    or its equivalent folder in Windows XP.
  • The Ancestral Sources program installation path is saved per PC in the folder:
    C:\ProgramData\Calico Pie\Family Historian\Plugin Data\
    or its equivalent folder in Windows XP.

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What causes "The Internet appears to be inaccessible" message?

This Plugin checks the Plugin Store for a later version via the Internet. If there is no connection, this message is produced.

While there is no connection, the message is inhibited by all Plugins with this feature, until none of them have been run for 10 hours, or one of them detects the connection is restored.

Also the online Help & Advice pages will be inaccessible.

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