Ancestral Sources Data Entry Plugin

This Plugin provides a convenient way of invoking the Ancestral Sources program with an Individual and a data entry mode already selected, and ensures that your current Project is the one modified.

From your Family Historian Project, select an Individual record, and run the Plugin. If there are any unsaved database changes then you will be prompted to save them. In the Plugin, click the desired data entry mode button and Ancestral Sources will be invoked.

Ancestral Sources Data Entry Plugin

A few settings are saved between Plugin runs. The Close on 'Save Entry to File' option is saved per Project, the window positions and fonts are saved per User, and the installation path for Ancestral Sources is saved per PC.

If a single copy of the current Ancestral Sources version is not installed, then warnings & download Options appear in the Plugin window.

See the Frequently Asked Questions for further advice.

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