Forums Usage Tips


The Forums allow you to ask questions about Family Historian, or Ancestral Sources, or Genealogy Research, and many other topics.

See the PHPBB3 Documentation Chapter 5. User Guide for usage instructions.

Also don't forget the FAQ link near the top of the Forums page.

Your Location and Family Historian Version are edited along with other personal settings by clicking your user-name top right and choosing the User Control Panel > Profile options.

Posting Topics

Here are some tips for when you are Posting or Editing a Forum Topic.

  • Attachment files are added via the ATTACHMENTS tab below the Post a new topic/Post a reply text box.
    Drag & Drop a file to text box will also work, but Copy & Paste a file or PrtScn & Paste clipboard will not.
    • Many file types are allowed including all Family Historian custom data files:
      • screen-shot & image files such as GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TGA, TIF, TIFF
      • plain text files such as XML, TXT, LOG, JS, CSV, CPP
      • document files such as DOC, DOCX, ODG, ODP, ODS, ODT, PDF, PPT, PPTX, RTF, XLS, XLSX
      • and a few more besides …
    • Maximum file size is 256 KBytes.
    • For other file types or large files use right-click Send to > Compressed (ZIP) folder to create a Windows compatible ZIP file. Avoid tools such as PkZip & 7-Zip as other users may not have them.
    • To capture screen-shot image files:
      • Use the Windows Snipping Tool as described in the Utility ~ Windows Snipping Tool, as it is free in all current versions of Windows, or the free Snip & Sketch tool in recent Windows 10 versions.
      • Alternatively, use the free Windows Paint tool, with PrtScn button and Paste command, then use File > Save as > PNG picture file.
      • In Linux, select a Screenshot utility from your software repository and use it to screenshot the whole screen, the active window or a selected area. If bemused by choice GNOME Screenshot seems to work well in Ubuntu based systems. If fh says the file is too large to upload use a utility like GIMP to resize it.
  • There are some Custom BBCode tags:
    • The KB button offers shortcuts to the Knowledge Base, e.g. Knowledge Base > Family Historian is produced by [kb]how_to:index|> Family Historian[/kb].
    • Quick ways of creating KB shortcuts are provided. Hovering on any heading displays a chain-link icon to the right. Across the very top of every Knowledge Base page is a TRACE:: breadcrumb trail with an asterisk * to its extreme right. Click on either or * icon and hit Ctrl+C to copy the KB link that can be pasted into any posting without having to copy the URL and title.
    • The TOPIC button offers shortcuts to Forums Topics, e.g. I can't sign in! (4253) is produced by [topic]4253|I can't sign in![/topic] (The topic number comes after t= in the browser address bar.)
    • A quick way of creating TOPIC shortcuts is provided. Open any Forum Topic and there is an asterisk * to the left of its Subject Title (except in prosilver style). Click on it and hit Ctrl+C to copy the TOPIC link that can be pasted into another posting without having to copy the number and title. Unfortunately, it does not work if double (") quotes appear in the Title, so a Moderator may replace them with single (') quotes.
    • The S button offers struck through text, e.g. struck out is produced by [s]struck out[/s].
  • To avoid revisiting a Topic to see if there are new postings, it can E-mail notifications of changes.
    • Below the editing box there is a tick option to Notify me when a reply is posted and governed by the User Control Panel, Board Preferences, Edit posting defaults, Notify me upon replies by default.
    • In the spanner menu next to POST REPLY there is a Subscribe topic tick option.
    • Below each individual Forum there is a Subscribe forum tick option.
    • Those last two are managed via User Control Panel > Overview > Manage subscriptions.

Site Searches

All Forums can be searched using the Search… and ADVANCED SEARCH options top right, and any single Forum searched via its Search this forum… option. Also try the Home page SEARCH feature. The Knowledge Base has its own Search box at the top.

Extended Search for Keywords with Google Site Search:

  • You may find that the built in keywords search does not find what you want, or even too much. If so you could try the Google Site Search which also gives you the power of all the other Google search options. The downside is that the format of the list of results in Google may not be as well formatted as the results returned from an FHUG search.
  • This simple example for the whole FHUG site will only include the full phrase change any and exclude usage.
    • "change any " -usage
  • This example will return results just from the FHUG Forums
    • "change any " -usage
  • This example will return results just from the FHUG Knowledge Base
    • "change any " -usage
  • To make it quicker to access you could perform a Google Site Search and bookmark it, then in future just amend the search term. You may find the format below of the search quicker to use with a bookmark. You probably don't need the double quotes at the end, but this will save an extra blank keystroke and also make it ready for a phrase search; having clicked on your bookmark it will return all results for the site, you can then add your search criteria directly after the "", or use the "" for a phrase search.
    • ""
  • This is just one of the many help pages on the web regarding Google Search, and is specific to site search.