Report Options ~ Privacy Tab


The policy for privacy depends on the target audience for your information. A CD/DVD or Book may only be distributed to close family members, whereas a website may be accessible worldwide. So when creating a website, it is usually advisable to hide all information, except possibly for basic details, about people who are still alive.


See the advice available via the Help button for further details about each option.

Initially the default settings should be used until a clearer understanding of what details need to be hidden has been established.

It is important to set the default Private Flag and Living Flag on all appropriate Individual Records beforehand. Otherwise it will be difficult to make use of these options. Also in Main, Contents and Pictures tabs it is possible to hide or show Notes marked as private within [[ double square brackets ]].

The section on how to Delete Data For Living People suggests ways of setting the Private and Living Flags on Individual Records, and other more advanced processes for achieving your privacy policy.

Also the Downloads and Links ~ Living People Identification section offers Queries and other techniques for managing living people data.