Report Options ~ Page Layout Tab

The Page Layout tab determines the page Orientation, Margins, Header, Footer, Indents, Tabs, etc. Whereas, the Format tab specifies the Fonts and Styles and Text for Headings, and the Format for Dates.

The options are explained via its Help button, and vary slightly for different Reports.

If editing the Header or Footer ensure the special values such as =Page() and =Date() adhere to the Tip: formats given below.

The Start records on new page option is often misunderstood. If only one Record was selected when composing the Report then this option has no effect even if the details from several Records are included in the Report e.g. a Family Group Sheet. Only if multiple Records were originally selected will each selected Record start on a new page.

:!: If you use Tab characters to tabulate multi-line text such as Text from Source transcript fields, then the default Format and Page Layout settings usually result in poorly tabulated data in Reports. See how to Tabulate Multiline Text in Records and Reports for advice on settings that will achieve tidy tabulated results. However, this is only effective for PDF File or Word-Processor (RTF) format reports. Web Page (HTML) reports do not support Tab settings.