Report Options ~ Main or Contents Tab

The Main or Contents tab selects the main section contents, which varies significantly for different types of Report. The options are explained via its Help button.

:!: Some types of Report do not support Alternate Names, Nicknames and Given Names but the fh V5+ Plugin Adjust AKA Names for Reports offers some workarounds.

On this tab you can choose to show or hide [[private]] Notes. On the Pictures tab there is a similar show or hide [[private]] Notes option for Multimedia when Use Note as Caption is enabled.

There are often additional configurable lists that fall into two categories:

Main Data Items

These lists have Add…, Edit…, Delete, Up arrow & Down arrow buttons.

Standard items are listed by default and cannot be altered, except that Edit… & Delete allows you to Hide or Show them.

You can Add…, Edit… & Delete custom items that support any Expression involving Data References &/or Functions.

The Up arrow & Down arrow buttons allow the order of all the items to be customised.


These lists have All, List Only, and Exclude List options and an Edit List… button.

By default All Facts are included, but the other two options allow a subset list or an exclusion list to be edited.