Family Tree Tips ~ Text Field URL Hyperlinks


It is possible to include any Internet URL address in any text field within your Family Historian data. If any http: protocol URL appears in an HTML page, then it becomes an active Hyperlink, but it navigates away from the Family Tree source page to the target page, and the user loses their position in the Family Tree data.

Family Historian V5 & V6 handle URL better than Family Historian V3 & V4, but still only http: protocol URL become Hyperlinks, and other URL such as https: and mailto: and ftp: remain as plain text.

The Family Historian V5 & V6 Plugin Improve Website or CD DVD HTML converts all text field URL to active Hyperlinks and optionally opens them in a new page.

:!: To make V3 & V4 URL Hyperlinks open in a new page requires a global edit to every URL in every HTML file. The change is summarised below:

<a href="http://..."> must become <a href="http://..." target="_blank"> where http://... is the URL address.

If you are familiar with an editor that supports Regular Expressions such as the Utility ~ PSPad Editor then the required expressions are:

Find: <a href="http://(.+?)">
Replace: <a href="http://$1" target="_blank">

Instead of always opening in a new target blank page, each URL can be made to open in the same target page by replacing target="_blank" with target="pagename" where "pagename" is whatever name you prefer.

Similar techniques could be used to turn all other URL into active Hyperlinks.

However, the above methods will only work reliably on HTML Tidy V3 & V4 HTML files.