Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 7 – Presentation and Behaviour


This step adjusts the text of the header on each page, and the colours for the background, the text, and hyperlinks.


See the advice available via the Help button for further details about the presentation options.

Initially the default settings should be accepted.

Click on the Colours button to select alternative text and background colours. For example, Menu Bar affects the broad toolbar across the top of each page, whereas Link and Link (cursor over) affect hyperlinks such as the names of Individuals.

Most text Fonts and Styles are determined by the Primary Page Type report template from Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 3 – Choose Report Template. However, some title and header text styles can only be altered by editing the fhstyle.css Cascading Style Sheet file as explained in Family Tree Tips ~ Alter CSS Default Styles.

Versions 5 & 6 Popup Picture Options

These options select the behaviour when a user clicks on Multimedia images in featured Individual or Family web pages. Various styles and sizes of popup or web page images are supported. See the Help for details.

In fh V5, if the None option is chosen, clicking on Multimedia images in web pages causes the browser to report Webpage/File Not Found, but a workaround is described in Forum posting This webpage has not been found dated May 2014. This problem is fixed in fh V6.