Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 5 – Create Home Page


This defines other Home Page details that appear above the Table of Contents such as a Picture and Welcome Text.

See the Example Home Page in the previous step.


See the advice available via the Help button for further details about these other home page items.

The text fields for this step are all self explanatory.

The Home Page Picture can be any family photograph or other suitable image file in .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png format.

Versions 5 & 6

The Picture Size option allows the size of the image to be selected.

Versions 3 & 4

There are some corrections needed in the home page HTML otherwise the Picture is much too large. After completing Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 8 – Final Details, use a plain text editor to make changes about halfway down the index.html file as follows:
width=”50px” becomes width=”50” to correct a syntax error.
<img src= becomes <img width=”300” src= or any other numerical value for the width of the Home Page Picture.
The Family Tree ~ Tips and Tricks and Popups section explains how to automate these corrections.