Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 2 โ€“ Select Featured Individuals


Each selected Individual will be featured on the CD/DVD or Website either with their own page, or a page shared with their spouse, unless their inclusion would violate the Step 1 - Privacy Options. Those records are automatically excluded and accompanied by a warning message.


See the advice available via the Help button for further details about selecting Individual Records to include.

Either Add All records or Select those required. The selection can be performed on an ad hoc basis, but if the data needs to be reconstructed from time to time, then it is recommended that a Query or a Named List is used to ensure the same criteria are used each time.

During initial experiments, only add a few representative individuals of a family group, otherwise the time taken to create the output may become excessive.

Click Next > for the Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 3 โ€“ Choose Report Template page.

Example Individual Page and Family Page

Individual Page Family Page