Import from The Next Generation (TNG)


Importing from The Next Generation (TNG) to Family Historian (FH) is often quite straight forward but there are ongoing investigations for this product. It is possible to include the Media with the export.

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Use the Export > Gedcom (*.ged) option to export the TNG database to a GEDCOM file format.

To include Media see the Export TNG Media As advice, and for selected Media Types set the Export Media Links to match the desired FH Project Media file paths as shown here.

TNG Export Media Links

Create New Project

Check for word-wrapping errors

Use File > Project Window and the New Project button, and select Import a GEDCOM file. The dialogue is uncomplicated, but in the Check for word-wrapping errors window, select Each row contains 1 word with a hyphen in the middle.

See Understanding Projects for more information on creating a Project from GEDCOM & media files, and using the Project Window.

Exception Report

Some TNG features do not export satisfactorily to GEDCOM format, and produce an Exception Report. These are still being investigated and include:

  • EXCLUDED: invalid line: 0 _PLAC ~ Place Map Latitude/Longitude custom records not supported by FH
  • EXCLUDED: invalid line: 1 SEX U ~ Satisfactorily handled by FH
  • INFO ONLY: Detected & fixed field format error (data moved to Note Field): ~ Invalid values added to Facts such as Immigration (IMMI), Baptism (BAPM), Residence (RESI), Census (CENS)
  • INFO ONLY: Loaded uncategorised data (non-GEDCOM): ~ Some of these Uncategorised Data Fields are caused by invalid multi-line text CONTinuation & CONCatenation tags, and others are custom tags that can be fixed by Handling Unrecognised Data Fields.

Eventually, some of the above should be fixed within TNG, and others may be corrected using a Plugin in FH.