Import from RootsMagic (RM)


Different versions of RootsMagic have different Database formats. RootsMagic 1 to 3 database files have a .rmg extension that can be directly imported. However, later versions use a different format with a .rmgc extension, so will need to migrate via the GEDCOM route.

Direct Import in V5+ from RootsMagic 1 to 3

  1. In fh open the Project Window ( File > Project Window ).
  2. Select New Project.
  3. Select the Import from other family tree file option.
  4. Press Browse, and navigate to the folder containing your RootsMagic .rmg database and select it.
  5. Ensure the Copy any linked multimedia files… option is ticked and press Next>.
  6. You will be prompted to enter the New Project Name, so use the existing title or change it, and click Finish.
  7. Your new Project will then open.

Export Gedcom from Roots Magic 4 to 7

  1. In RootsMagic open the project you'd like to export to GEDCOM.
  2. Select File > Export….
  3. Make sure that:
    • People to export box has Everyone selected.
    • Destination box has General selected (only in early versions).
    • Privacy Options box has Privatize living people NOT checked.
    • Data to export has all items checked EXCEPT the following:
      • To-Do tasks
      • Research logs
      • Correspondence log
      • Note formatting (bold, etc)
      • Extra details (RM specific)
  4. Click the OK or Export button.
  5. Decide on a location to store your GEDCOM file so that you can easily retrieve it later. A reasonable place to store your file might be your Desktop or My Documents. You can access these by clicking on the box next to Save in and scrolling all the way to the top. You will find both the Desktop and My Documents in that list.
  6. Type a file name next to where it says File name. An example file name could be MyData.ged.
  7. Your file has now been exported and is ready to be used to create a Project or used directly in fh.

Create New Project in Family Historian

Check for word-wrapping errors

Use File > Project Window and the New Project button, and select Import a GEDCOM file. Browse to the saved copy of the GEDCOM file from above. Ensure Copy any linked multimedia files… is ticked and click Next>. Enter the New Project Name and click Finish.

The dialogue is uncomplicated, but in the Check for word-wrapping errors window, select Each row contains 1 word with a hyphen in the middle of it.

See Understanding Projects for more information on creating a Project from GEDCOM and Media files, and using the Project Window.

Common Problems

Several types of Uncategorised Data Fields (UDF) may still get reported:

  • 1 _UID tags are RootsMagic record id that can be deleted.
  • 2 _TYPE DOCUMENT or 2 _TYPE PHOTO and subsequent 2 _SCBK Y and 2 _PRIM N lines are Media properties that mean nothing to fh and may be deleted.