How do I fix a broken download?


When downloading files from FHUG, or else where you may occasionally get a file which appears to be broken, so gives errors when opened or when trying to install it.

The main causes for this are

  1. The download cut out part way through.
  2. The file became damaged during the download.

The solution is often to download the file again, however your internet browser and/or your ISP may have cached the damaged file. So you need to clear your cache.

What is a Cache?

A browsing cache contains copies of all files, images etc you have viewed on the internet. This means if you return to a page it does not need to be downloaded again. However a damaged file may remain damaged as your computer may receive the damaged file from the cache when you try to download again.

Clearing Your Cache

Internet Explorer 7

The process for IE6 is similar.

From the menu select Tools, then internet options, then select delete from the browsing history section.

Next select Delete Files

when asked confirm a clear of the Cache.

Firefox 2

From the Menu select Tools and then Options Select the Advanced Tab and click the clear button and confirm.

The ISP Cache

If the file you need is available from another site, for example FH upgrades are always available from Family Historian ~ Downloads.

If not you may need to wait 24 hours for your ISP's cache to clear.