Finding Records linked to a Source

All Versions

  • Open up the View menu and select Record Links….

Image showing the Record Links option on the menu

Image showing the Record Links Dialogue

  • In the example shown this source (for a census record) has citations linking to 9 people who all appeared in the census household that the source refers to. You will see that four of the individuals have 2 links each. This is because the source is linked to census event for all 9 people and to an occupation attribute for 4 of them.
  • By selecting one Individual in the Record Links dialogue it is possible to go straight to the properties for that individual by clicking on the Go To button.

Alternatively, a Query can be used to list every fact (Event/Attribute) that cites the Source record, e.g. Query:Fact ~ Facts Linked to a Source.

Version 5+ Plugins

Since fh V5, Plugins are available that have a couple of advantages over the options above, as they show every item (Event, Attribute, Name, Record, etc) that the Source is linked to, and double clicking on it in the results window will take you directly to the correct place in the Property Box.