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Delete Any Number of Records @how_to
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impact of deletion, and consider using [[Glossary:Merge/Compare Records|Edit > Merge/Compare Records]] to merge duplicated records. ==== Media Records ==== Deleting **Media Records** does
Find Duplicate Individuals Plugin @plugins:help:find_duplicate_individuals
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and any genuine duplicates merged using **Edit > Merge/Compare Records...**. Any false positive duplica
Merge/Compare Records @glossary
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====== Merge/Compare Records ====== {{entry>Family Historian/Merge;See Index for related topics.}} {{entry>Merge/Records;-*}} {{entry>Records/Merge;-*}} {{entry>Records/Duplicated;-*}} ===== Introduction ===== Any tw
Merge/Compare File @glossary
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====== Merge/Compare File ====== {{entry>Family Historian/Merge;See Index for related topics.}} {{entry>Merge/Project;-*}} {{entry>Project/Merge;-*}} ===== Introduction ===== For Family Historian the files being
Utility ~ PDF Creator @fhugdownloads:contents
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*, **JPG**, **PNG**, **TIF** and more. * It can merge multiple documents to one file. * The accompan
Exporting a Family Tree with/without Media @how_to
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o create a set of records for use with [[Glossary:Merge Compare Files]]. * To transfer a set of records... [[Glossary:GEDCOM]] file to create a New Project, Merge into another Project, or to transfer elsewhere, t... use's Family]] March 2016 ===== Export to Create/Merge Projects ===== When exporting a [[Glossary:GEDCO... file with associated **Media** files to create or merge into another Project, it is desirable if the **Me
Glossary of Features @glossary
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Project Window]] * [[Gedcom File Tasks]] * [[Merge/Compare Files]] * [[Split Tree Helper]] * [[V... * [[Find and Replace]] * [[File Root]] * [[Merge/Compare Records]] * [[Flags|Record Flags]] ===
Export Gedcom File ~ (AQP) Ancestral Quest Program @plugins:help:export_gedcom_file
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w records to the existing database, and **Tools > Merge** will have to be used, which is laborious. ====
Import from The Master Genealogist (TMG) @how_to
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may help. Create a __blank__ **TMG Project** and merge it with your __main__ **TMG Project**, then all e... Place** record, then the **Plugin** attempts to **Merge** them. If unsuccessful, the **Lat,Long** value i
Family Historian Documentation @how_to
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| | | 15.| Compare, Merge, Split, Copy and Export GEDCOM Files| 19.| Projects: Compare, Merge, Split, Copy & Export | | | 16.|
Import from Legacy Family Tree (LFT) @how_to
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entifier to each individual and so allows an easy merge between files imported from the same vendor. For ... these tags. EMAIL and _URL items. I am going to merge the file and so I do not want the sender’s email
Order Facts by Sort Date Plugin @plugins:help:order_facts_by_sort_date
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<color red>**__WARNING__**</color> ~ The **File > Merge/Compare File** command converts all **LMO** into ... nked **Media Records** without warning when the **Merge** is invoked, and thus renders all those **Sort D
GEDCOM @glossary
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ll them they will need to use the **Import** or **Merge** option to load the **GEDCOM** data into their p
Family Historian Version 6.2.7 @how_to:about
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but only the following have been detected. * **Merge/Compare File** crashed with an obscure particular... place while in the process of selecting it for a merge. Doing so caused FH to crash. It is no longer pos
Family Historian Help Index @how_to
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lp>howto_comparemergeappendandsplitfiles|Compare, Merge, Append and Split Files]] * [[fhhelp>howto_... * [[fhhelp>howto_mergeindatafromanotherfile|Merge in Data From Another File]] * [[fhhelp>howt... ed Data Dialog]] * [[fhhelp>mergecomparedialog|Merge/Compare Dialog]] * [[fhhelp>introductiontom... p>featuresofthemergecomparedialog|Features of the Merge/Compare Dialog]] * [[fhhelp>sourcedetailsfo
Source Types @glossary
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Utility ~ IrfanView @fhugdownloads:contents
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Utility ~ FHTextFix @fhugdownloads:contents
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Delete Data For Living People @how_to
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Family Historian Version 5.0.11 @how_to:about
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Import/Export @glossary
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Individual Records @glossary
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Family Historian Version 2.3.5 @how_to:about
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Family Historian Version 3.1.2 @how_to:about
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Import @glossary
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Split Tree Helper @glossary
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Recording Grandchildren @how_to
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