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Step 6 Import your FTM GEDCOM back into FH
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enable us to Open or Import a GEDCOM file, or to Merge it's content with an already open GEDCOM file. In both FH and FTM the merge facility provides mechanisms for us to choose whi... simply replacing the original GEDCOM, checking a merge is labour intensive and will inevitably lead to f... then either could become the master. That said, a merge (rather than import) back into FTM will probably
Step 3 Import your FH GEDCOM to FTM
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ables you to create a new tree using Import or to Merge into an existing tree using the GEDCOM file creat... hat, after initial creation of your FTM tree, the merge will have to be used to preserve details of "hint... ta the same way as when importing. It attempts to merge incoming data with existing data and provides mec... dates etc.) so they can be matched. Note that the merge report puts unmatched people at the bottom. If yo
Step 5 Update your FTM data using Ancestry hints
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iewing Places as a flat list (not a hierarchy) to merge similarly named places using "Replace with Other
A brief summary of project status
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o, etc.) but also for a UID to enable a automated merge back into FH (rather than a replacement of the FH