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Family Historian Version 2.3.5
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ce Types. The dialog allows you to edit, view and merge source types as you can with other auto-completio... nly supported one kind of merging/comparing: File Merge/Compare. It now supports 3 kinds: * File Merge/Compare * Basic Record Merge/Compare * Branch Merge/Compare File Merge/Compare is when you com
Family Historian Version 3.1.2
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ng any records, you had to do this by opening the Merge/Compare dialog, waiting while Family Historian se... mily Historian had matched. Now when you open the Merge/Compare dialog you are asked if you want any records to be matched. If you answer 'No', the Merge/Compare dialog will open immediately with all records unmatched and you can simply click 'Merge' to append the one file into the other. * The
Family Historian Version 6.2.7
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but only the following have been detected. * **Merge/Compare File** crashed with an obscure particular... place while in the process of selecting it for a merge. Doing so caused FH to crash. It is no longer pos
Family Historian Version 5.0.11
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abase that contains more than one (if you wish to merge datasets, import both into separate projects, and then use Family Historian to merge the projects). * Enhanced the TMG direct import