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Import from The Master Genealogist (TMG) @how_to
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of the **TMG Trial V9** at least for the [Record Id] listed. * In {{fh}} **V5**, the **Witnesses**... ged using the [[fhcalico>pluginstore/plugin-entry?id=117|Search and Replace]] Plugin and its **Multime... natively, the [[fhcalico>pluginstore/plugin-entry?id=172|Change Any Fact Tag]] Plugin can be used in {... ved using the [[fhcalico>pluginstore/plugin-entry?id=117|Search and Replace]] Plugin in **LUA Pattern
Contact Us @info
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f you know the email address associated your user-id you can reset your password by visiting the [[ht
Utility ~ Ancestral Sources v5.3.0 @fhugdownloads:contents
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p://|Microsoft .Net 3.5 Framework SP1]] Click o
Ancestral Sources @ancestralsources
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. The Plugin [[fhcalico>pluginstore/plugin-entry?id=147|Ancestral Sources Data Entry]] is available f