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Contribute Your Knowledge ~ Expert Features @contributeyourknowledge
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bove. Each video has a unique 11-character share id, which must be added to the **%%{{youtube>id}}%%** [[#Control Macros|macro]]. At present this is onl... Pages#Alphabetic Index]]| |%%{{%%//videosite//>//id//}} |Video Sharing |Show video with //id// at //videosite// such as [[
Exporting a Family Tree with/without Media @how_to
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There is an [[fhcalico>pluginstore/plugin-entry?id=1917|All Pool Relatives Except Partner Ancestors]... th links. The [[fhcalico>pluginstore/plugin-entry?id=522|Export Gedcom File]] Plugin has similar optio... is to use the [[fhcalico>pluginstore/plugin-entry?id=522|Export Gedcom File]] Plugin. That can be prec... lds. Use the [[fhcalico>pluginstore/plugin-entry?id=1857|Clean Unwanted Fields]] Plugin to globally r
Export Gedcom File ~ (RMT) Roots Magic Tree @plugins:help:export_gedcom_file
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= Unless describing a custom **EVEN**t or Custom Id **REFN** tag then this is moved to the local **No... ecords (NOTE) ==== Each **Note** Record **Custom Id** (REFN) is added to the **Note** with a **Custom Id:** label. ==== Place Records (_PLAC) ==== === ★
Key Features for Newcomers @how_to
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specially the [[fhcalico>pluginstore/plugin-entry?id=223|Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings]... *V6** via the [[fhcalico>pluginstore/plugin-entry?id=190|Map Life Facts]] [[#Plugins|Plugin]]. ==== S... tructure]] and [[Glossary:Record Types and Record Id]]. ==== Diagram Root Couples ==== **Diagrams**
Export Gedcom File ~ Output Formats @plugins:help:export_gedcom_file
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rt Title:** label. Each **Note** Record **Custom Id** (REFN) is added to the **Note** with a **Custom Id:** label. Each **Source Note** is converted to a
Family Historian @how_to
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3 and above *[[Glossary:Record Types and Record Id]] V3 and above *[[Finding where Records are use... idual problems. * [[Handling Renumbered Record Id]] * [[Handling Unrecognised Data Fields]] * [
Map Life Facts ~ Create Web Page Maps @plugins:help:map_life_facts
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iginal default view. If the **Name** or **Record Id** of any **Individual** is changed in Family Hist
Research Planner Version 2 @how_to
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to see them identified within the Task by Record ID and Name. It is recommended that you don't edit t
Family Historian on Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc @how_to
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file from the [[fhcalico>pluginstore/plugin-entry?id=522|Export Gedcom File]] Plugin, and allows subse
Windows 10 Upgrade Tips @glossary
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> Privacy > General > Let apps use my advertising ID** = OFF * **Settings > Privacy > General > Send
Glossary of Features @glossary
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atabase Structure]] * [[Record Types and Record Id]] ==== Standard Records ==== * [[Individuals]
Knowledge Base Editing ~ Active Sections @contributeyourknowledge:knowledgebaseeditingreference
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t}} Click [[|Recent changes]] to