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Lookup Missing Census Facts ~ Result Set
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* column | | **Individual** | Name and [Record Id] of person for whom missing **Census Events** were detected | | **Rec Id** | Record Id of the **Individual** | | **Gen. Gap** | The generation gap between **Individ... 99 for unrelated | | **Relationship to** root [id] | The relationship (if any) to the **File Root*
Lookup Missing Census Facts ~ Lookup Web Page
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e** | Individual’s Name and [Record Id] shows [[Frequently Asked Questions#How is the Su... me** | Primary Name and [Record Id] of the father | | **Mother’s Name** | Primary (Maiden) Name and [Record Id] of the mother | **Return to [[User Options]]
Lookup Missing Census Facts ~ Version History
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& trailing space tolerant * Adds the **[Record Id]** to the Individual in the [[Lookup Page|Lookup