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Contribute Your Knowledge ~ Edit Links and Media @contributeyourknowledge
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ink them to other pages * upload other types of files and make them available for download * manage uploaded images and other files The concepts of hyperlinks, images and downloadable files will be familiar to anyone who makes use of the I... ithin a page is to use the **Add Images and Other Files** button {{
Exporting a Family Tree with/without Media @how_to
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of records for use with [[Glossary:Merge Compare Files]]. * To transfer a set of records to another pe... xclude** to eliminate all the **Media** records & files. The subsequent steps depend upon the purpose of... [Glossary:GEDCOM]] file with associated **Media** files to create or merge into another Project, it is de... o Family Historian]] and [[Glossary:Merge/Compare Files]] for details of those processes. ==== Details =
Forums Usage Tips @info
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elines]] before posting an issue. * Attachment files are added via the **ATTACHMENTS** tab below the *... ing all [[Glossary:Family Historian]] custom data files: * screen-shot & image files such as GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TGA, TIF, TIFF * plain text files such as XML, TXT, LOG, JS, CSV, CPP * docum
Improve Website or CD DVD HTML ~ Non-Image Media URL @plugins:help:improve_html
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con** popups so they hyperlink to those non-image files. * It should cope with filenames that use a... tes** gets back to where you started. ===== Icon Files ===== When step **1.** is used, a default set of **Icon** files is downloaded from the **FHUG Knowledge Base** to... **DOC**/**DOCX**, and **TXT** non-image **Media** files, and the last one for everything else. This set
Upload Web Pages (How To) @how_to
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nternet equivalent of Windows Explorer and allows files to be copied to and from a remote computer. In f... zilla connection to the web. ===== Uploading the files ===== There are a couple of items which vary fro... view. Once you have the folder selected all the files for the web site will appear, click on the first ... ect them all, then click and drag to move all the files over to the right hand window. Filezilla will th
Family Historian V6 & Ancestral Sources V5 on Crossover, PlayOnLinux/Mac & Wine @how_to
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Documents** folder, and all the named folders and files must actually exist. * FH **File > Project Win... ts/Family Historian Projects**. The **C:\Program Files\Family Historian** installation folder is physica... sover/Bottles/Family Historian V6/drive_c/Program Files/Family Historian** where **Family Historian V6** ... rences** settings to associate **.fh_lua** Plugin files with **Family Historian** then **Open With** work
Export Gedcom File ~ (TNG) The Next Generation @plugins:help:export_gedcom_file
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lative Link Records**) depending on how **Media** files are to migrate to **TNG**. Features include **_PR... file to the TNG **GEDCOM** folder, and **Media** files to the **media** folder, using an **FTP** utility... or **Project...TNG UTF8.ged** file and **Media** files to upload. {{exportgedcomfiletngimportgedcom.jpg
Pushfile Plugin @extras
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le Plugin ====== ===== Introduction ===== Allows files stored in the media folder of the Dokuwiki to be
Glossary of Features @glossary
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Historian Program Data Folder]] of customisation files * [[GEDCOM]] **GE**nealogical **D**ata **COM**m... ]] * [[Gedcom File Tasks]] * [[Merge/Compare Files]] * [[Split Tree Helper]] * [[Validate File|V
Family Historian on Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc @how_to
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for Android that can read Family Historian Gedcom files, but may have some limitations on file size inclu... of any Family History Apps that can handle GEDCOM files at this time. (If the Apps in the next section su
Getting Started Writing Plugins @plugins
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[|LuaZip: Reading files inside zip files]] | loadrequire( "zip" ) | | [[|LuaSQ
Map Life Facts ~ Set Preference Options @plugins:help:map_life_facts
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**Folder** path, to choose where the web page map files will be created. If they are created in any **Fam... lete All Maps</color>** button allows all the map files to be deleted from the **Maps Folder**. Choose t
Work In Progress Plugins @plugins:wip
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urce)]] * [[Fix File Type on 5.0.1 imported FTM files]] * [[Map Query V0.3|]] * [[Separate BMD Sour
Family Historian @how_to
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nal File Links]] All versions * [[Organise Your Files]] V3 and above === Recording Facts and Sources =
Key Features for Newcomers @how_to
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Glossary:GEDCOM]] file, but linked **Multimedia** files are stored within the Project **Media** folder, a
Cookies Usage @info
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Diagram Tips and Tricks @how_to
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Contribute Your Knowledge @contributeyourknowledge
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Handling Uncategorised Data Fields (UDF) @how_to
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