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Map Life Facts ~ Google Maps Mode
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eware that the **API Key** exists for website map files within the **mapfacts.js** file, so it may be sto... Maps|Leaflet Maps]] mode instead for website map files. Only one map file needs to be updated for all files to be modified. {{ maplifefactsgooglegeocoder.png?... ew** icon top right will only work in website map files. * Click **+ Zoom in** and **-- Zoom out** to a
Map Life Facts ~ Create Web Page Maps
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ged the format of [[3_Web Page Map|Web Page Map]] files. If only some are updated, then **Update other map files in this folder to new format?** is requested. Ge... appear. All such [[3_Web Page Map|Web Page Map]] files should be mapped again or deleted. The **Status:
Map Life Facts ~ Leaflet Maps Mode
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ocoder]] automatic mapping to produce webpage map files that do not disclose the **Google Maps API Key**. Only one map file needs to be updated for all files to be modified. {{ maplifefactsleafletmapsmode.p
Map Life Facts ~ Set Preference Options
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**Folder** path, to choose where the web page map files will be created. If they are created in any **Fam... lete All Maps</color>** button allows all the map files to be deleted from the **Maps Folder**. Choose t
Map Life Facts ~ Version History
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* Fix a problem with detecting the old format map files ===== Features of V4.3 ===== * The [[Leaflet