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Improve Website or CD DVD HTML ~ Non-Image Media URL
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con** popups so they hyperlink to those non-image files. * It should cope with filenames that use a... tes** gets back to where you started. ===== Icon Files ===== When step **1.** is used, a default set of **Icon** files is added to the **C:\ProgramData\Calico Pie\Famil... *, **DOC**/**DOCX** & **TXT** non-image **Media** files and the last one for everything else. This set o
Improve Website or CD DVD HTML Plugin
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both the **_nameindex.html** and **fhstyle.css** files. {{ improvehtml.png?470|Improve Website or CD D
Improve Website or CD DVD HTML ~ Image Popups ~ Custom Dojo Zoomer
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y Mode, which prevents its use on local PC/CD/DVD files. {{ :plugins:help:improve_html:imagepopupcustom