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Family Tree Tips ~ Automatic Batch Processing
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ate the popup Java Script that displays the image files. * [[#Batch HTML Tidy]] ~ Run the HTML Tidy utility to batch tidy all the HTML files. * [[#HTML Text Edits]] ~ Perform the HTML text edits to adjust all the HTML files. * [[#Basic User Interface]] ~ Add a basic GUI ... DoBatchHtmlTidy() ; Batch HTML Tidy all *.html files via Command Prompt in desired Path folder DoHtmlT
Family Tree Tips ~ Recommended Support Tools
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t 292 ===== If you ever need to edit HTML or CSS files, then this free utility is extremely useful. Goo... automated batch tidying of a folder full of HTML files. ===== HTML Tidy ===== To batch tidy the Family Historian V3/V4 folder full of HTML files needs this free utility. Google Search for **Is there a way to batch process HTML files using HTML Tidy** to reach\\ **[[http://www.chami
Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 8 – Final Details
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This is the final step before creating the output files. ===== Advice ===== See the advice available vi... ing Style Sheets** (CSS) and **Java Script** (JS) files are required. Click **Finish** to create the output files in the selected folder. When complete either sel
Family Tree Tips ~ Multimedia Image Popups
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-image media. **FH V3 & V4** need their **HTML** files to be edited to offer image popups as explained b... :!: **Multimedia** images inserted into **HTML** files by **Family Historian V3 & V4** present photos qu... ommended Support Tools#HTML Tidy]]** V3 & V4 HTML files. ===== 4. Add Popup Java Script ===== The follo
Family Tree ~ Tips and Tricks and Popups
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mily Historian V5 & V6** produce much tidier HTML files and uses a Cascading Style Sheet CSS file. *
Family Tree Tips ~ Text Field URL Hyperlinks
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[[Recommended Support Tools#HTML Tidy]] V3 & V4 HTML files. ===== Related Pages ===== {{backlinks>.}}
Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 3 – Choose Report Template
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some Wizard settings and post-processing the HTML files. Click **Next >** for the [[Step 4 – Add Items f
Family Tree Tips ~ Set Page Background
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8,0)**\\ RGB%: **rgb(0%,50%,0%)**\\ Placing your files in the **custom** subfolder prevents them from be
Family Tree Tips ~ Diagram Hyperlinks PDF
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yperlink** to the **Individual’s Web Page**. PDF files can be reliably opened on almost any computer, no
Family Tree Tips ~ CD/DVD Problem Fixes for Windows
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efault browser has lost its association with HTML files, and needs to be reset as follows: - Use **Star