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Backup and Recovery
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he [[preferences screen]] in {{fh}}. These backup files are standard **Compressed (zipped) Folders** that... recommended because this ensures that the backup files appear in date order when viewed in alphabetical ... V5** the backup routines did not backup any image files or other multimedia linked to the family tree fil... ian Settings]]. ==== Version 4 ==== All project files for **V4** are stored by Default in a **{document
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import or export any of the following as separate files, typically in the **Public** folder of the [[How ... ng Projects|Project]]. * Standalone [[GEDCOM]] Files ~ Import uses [[Merge/Compare Files]] ~ Also see [[Export]] * [[How to:V4:Understanding Projects|Famil... istorian Projects]] ~ Import uses [[Merge/Compare Files]] * Other Family Tree Files (instructions only)
Family Historian Program Data Folder
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at this is **\ProgramData\** and __NOT__ \Program Files\. **\ProgramData\** is the replacement for \Docum... In the **Advanced settings** ensure that **Hidden files and folders** is set to **Show hidden files, folders and drives**. While there it is advisable to untick... le Explorer/Folder Options -> View -> Show hidden files and folders**. Note that the **Windows (C:)** dr
Windows 10 Upgrade Tips
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PC will restart several times\\ **xx%**\\ Copying files xx% Installing features and drivers xx% Configuri... ct some folder & file permissions to be upset, so files cannot be saved where they could before. * Som
Split Tree Helper
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hapter 14 - Merging, Comparing and Splitting Tree Files** or in later editions **Chapter 15 - Compare, Merge, Split, Copy and Export GEDCOM Files**. The **[[
Merge/Compare File
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==== Introduction ===== For Family Historian the files being merged are Gedcoms which have an extension ... sual records in the new file. These are common in files created by other applications and can be identifi
Glossary of Features
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Historian Program Data Folder]] of customisation files * [[GEDCOM]] **GE**nealogical **D**ata **COM**m... ]] * [[Gedcom File Tasks]] * [[Merge/Compare Files]] * [[Split Tree Helper]] * [[Validate File|V
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is worthwhile to try to edit one of the **.bmp** files supplied in Family Historian using an Image Edito... tc. Having a bored 16 year old helps! These Icon files are located in the **[[Glossary:Family Historian
Uncategorised Data Fields
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ut **UDF** where appropriate. Use **Window >> Log Files…** to **View** previous reports. There is a dial
Multimedia Records
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al, it is advisable if possible to keep all media files in the project folder - doing so will make your p
GEDCOM Extension List
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AR ==== This tag is only used in exported GEDCOM files within the **Header Record**: <code> 1 GEDC 2 VER
Formal Database Structure
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* [[Multimedia]] ~ Hold details of external media files such as photos and documents * [[Place Records]
Acrobat Reader
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to a Web browser. It is a free program that reads files with a PDF extension and can be downloaded from A