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Lookup Missing BMD Records ~ Lookup Web Page
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Birth Year - Death Year | | **Spouse Family at Event** | Name of the Family couple near the Event Date | | **Family Date** | Date of the Marriage or Birth of 1
Lookup Missing BMD Records ~ Search Ancestry Tips
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filters more **Broad** or remove filters such as family members. To reduce the number of records found, ... he filters more **Exact** or add more filters for family members, etc. The **Name** and **Location** filt... e often yields fewer records than **±10 years**. Family member filters may be applied in the initial sear
Lookup Missing BMD Records ~ Frequently Asked Questions
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termined? ===== Until a woman is involved in a **Family** partnership her **Primary Surname** is used, wh... urname** of her **Husband** from the __latest__ **Family** partnership that satisfies all the conditions b... ly, three files can be copied from the [[Glossary:Family Historian Program Data Folder]] **\Plugin Data\**
Lookup Missing BMD Records ~ Search FindMyPast Tips
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ng that **Search ...** button. That will remove **Family member** filters applied in the initial search, b