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Ancestor and Descendant List Creation (code snippet)
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**Individual**. They operate by traversing the **Family** record links for **Husband**, **Wife**, and **C... ptrBase = ancestorlist[iLoop] -- Loop Family as Child ptrFamily:MoveTo(ptrBase,'~.FAMC... ptrBase = decendantlist[iLoop] -- Loop Family as Spouse ptrFamily:MoveTo(ptrBase,'~.FAM... dicFamilies = { } -- Dictionary of processed Family Record Id local function getRelation(ptrRec)
Split a Filename into Path, File, and Extension (code snippet)
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path is supplied without an actual file: * **D:\Family Historian Projects** will return: - **nil** but should be **D:\Family Historian Projects\** - **nil** but should be e... - **nil** but should be empty string * **D:\Family Historian Projects\Main\Main.fh_data** will return: - **D:\Family Historian Projects\Main\** but should include **M
Module Require With Load (code snippet)
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n addition to the standard modules installed with Family Historian, Lua has a range of additional modules ... uire additional modules, please contact <> requesting the module to be adde... wn and install it local url = ""..f
Version Convert (code snippet)
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value of ''fh'' can also be passed to process the Family Historian version number. Requires: None ===== ... ssageBox('This plug in requires at least 5.0.8 of Family Historian, please upgrade') return end </co
SQL Lite Example Usage (code snippet)
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L Lite makes a great place to sort extra data for Family Historian Plugins, especially if you are already
Preserve User Settings (code snippet)
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tput folder, filter options, etc. Some users run Family Historian on more than one PC and synchronise fil
Loop All Items (code snippet)
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=== <code lua> -- List everyitem in Objects and Family Records for ptr in allItems('OBJE','FAM') do
Code Explorer (code snippet)
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with the new goto line number option in V5.0.5 of Family Historian. Requires: None ===== Code ===== <co
Check Version In Store (code snippet)
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value then local strRequest =''..typ