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FHU Mailing List
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====== FHU Mailing List ====== ===== ===== This list will be taking over fro... RootsWeb list. Please see [[|]] for more information. ==== The Announcement from FHU ==== Poste... d continue. Also, as again you may already know, Family Historian 7 is coming soon, and from past experie
About the FHUG Web Site Usage
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site providing help and advice for the [[Glossary:Family Historian]] software package. Since 2002, throug... grips with one of the most powerful and flexible Family History programs available today. Whether you ar... enced user, FHUG exists to help you get more from Family Historian. ===== Beginnings ===== Back in 2002 ... List]] was discussing setting up a user group for Family Historian. I had already added a place to upload
Forums Usage Tips
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ums]] allow you to ask questions about [[Glossary:Family Historian]], or [[Glossary:Ancestral Sources]], or [[Glossary:Family History Research]], and many other topics. See t... uk/forum/|Forums]] page. Your **Location** and **Family Historian Version** are edited along with other p... y file types are allowed including all [[Glossary:Family Historian]] custom data files: * screen-sho
Wish List
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====== Wish List ====== The Family Historian Wish List allows registered Forum members to vote on various wishes for enhancements to Family Historian. Over the years [[Glossary:Calico Pie]] have added many of the highest voted items into Family Historian. If you would like to review the Wishe... Wish List for voting. However, first ensure that Family Hstorian does not already offer the feature that
Support FHUG
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====== ===== Introduction ===== The [[Glossary:Family Historian User Group]] site is supported by donat... penny more. Your purchases don't even need to be Family History related. So please consider copying the ... store. [[|Make a Donation No
What is a Wiki?
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Wiki is designed to allow users of the [[Glossary:Family Historian]] program, and its companion [[Glossary
Privacy Policy
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address - Users time zone - Users Country - Family Historian Version - Password, this is stored in
FHUG Web Site Usage
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eporting]] ~ for [[Glossary:FHUG]] and [[Glossary:Family Historian]] and [[Glossary:Ancestral Sources]]
Contact Us
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