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Step 2 Create a GEDCOM using the FH Export Plugin v1.7-2.0
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ings. | | Folder | FTM media folder | e.g. C:\...\Family Tree Maker\{treename} Media. The export uses full... nd a Note with the Flag name. | === Options for: FAMily data === ^ Field ^ Content ^ Note ^ | Marriage St... d on import so becomes a custom EVENt Ω NCHI. | | FAMily CENSus | Custom event created | **OK:** FAM, CENS... R | Changed to FTM | **OK:** The Header Source of FAMILY_HISTORIAN is changed to FTM to imitate an FTM imp
Step 1 Prepare your FH data for exchange with FTM
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e click on one (it's not easy to find this!). | | Family Status | **M** use better | FAMily _STATus is not a standard field so it can get moved by the Plugin to a... of MARRiage and DIVorce event for every relevant FAMily (display _STATus, MARRiage and DIVorce fields in ... es just one SOURce for England 1911 - not one per FAMily. This is discussed in a section below on re-impor
Step 6 Import your FTM GEDCOM back into FH
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ecords but only when HEAD, 1 SOUR FTM (not 1 SOUR FAMILY_HISTORIAN). Export plugin option for Note Record
Step 5 Update your FTM data using Ancestry hints
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"Records you’ve found on Ancestry and merged into Family Tree Maker won’t be re-uploaded to Ancestry.".
Step 3 Import your FH GEDCOM to FTM
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ed your GEDCOM and media to a folder called "c:\…\Family Tree Maker\{treename} Media". FTM enables you to
A brief summary of project status
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_STAT choices could result in the creation other family events available in FTM. | | Use of notes | Notes