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Property Box Dialogue: Individuals: Facts Tab
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ndividual** person either directly or via their **Family** or **Witness** connections. If sorted by **Date... >** • ** red bullets </color>~ The joint Spouse **Family** record(s) - <color blue>** ⇒ ** blue arrows <... itnessed** facts from relevant **Individual** & **Family** records - <color grey>** • ** grey bullets </... >~ The **Timeline Facts** from **Individual** & **Family** records of many relatives The **Witnessed** fa
Property Box Dialogue
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4:Property Dialogue in V4]]. The {{fh}} **Help > Family Historian Help > The Property Box** covers the me... e dialogue in great detail; also see the [[How_to:Family Historian Documentation]] or the {{fh}} **V3** [[
Property Box Dialogue: Individuals: Main Tab
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sed information on a person, including multiple [[family as spouse|families as spouse]] and their children