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Dates With Double Years
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==== This article was prompted by a discussion on Family-Historian-User Rootsweb, in August 2006. For a mo... se see external links for more detail. ===== How Family Historian deals with this ===== If you enter 24 Mar 1701/2 in Family Historan you will be prompted to save the entry a... l be useless for purposes of calculations etc. as Family Historian will not recognise it as a date. It is
Using the Julian and Gregorian Calendars
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usion. =====Recording Julian Calendar dates in Family Historian===== If you are recording a date in Family Historian it is recorded as a standard Gregorian cal... a marriage on 1st March 1740 would be recorded in Family Historian as: 1 Mar 1740/41 because the Julian ... The [[glossary:GEDCOM]] standard, and therefore Family Historian, also allows dates to be explicitly ent
Quarter Dates
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to must be ordered. ===== How To Record This In Family Historian ===== Family Historian recognises quarter dates. Either enter the year and then using the thr... es and so if, for example: Q1 1970 is entered Family Historian records the date within the GEDCOM file... e other way round so that if you record a date in Family Historian as: btw Oct 1970 and Dec 1970 You w