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l links to frequently referenced resources. ==== Family Historian link shortcuts ==== These are shortcut... wledge Base to external resources associated with Family Historian. ^ ^ Shortcut ... ite |%%[[%%fhcalico>//page//]] |[[]] ... /]] |[[]] | ^
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.\\ e.g.\\ %% => %%[[f... -10/1161616578|Archived Message]] ===== Links to Family Historian Website ===== %%[[%%fhcalico>//websitep... s a link to a [[Glossary:Calico Pie]], [[Glossary:Family Historian]] website page.\\ e.g.\\ %% => %%[[fhcalico>fea
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c Guide;See Index for related topics.}} {{entry>Family Historian/Plugins;-*}} They define a **Plugins** topic and **Basic Guide** sub-topic, plus a **Family Historian** topic and **Plugins** sub-topic. The... ion letters **P** for **Plugins** and **F** for **Family Historian** respectively, with hyperlinks to the
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ething as <del>struck-through</del> as well. The Family Historian icon {{fh}} can be easily displayed. The Family Historian icon {{fh}} can be easily displayed.
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| | how_to | Family Historian | Details of [[How to:Index]] ... om Census** program. The **about:alt** & **about:family_historian** & **about:other_nonfh_software** name
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iling List Archive]] * [[LinkOptions#Links to Family Historian Website]] * [[LinkOptions#Links to