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Ancestor and Descendant List Creation (code snippet)
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unction: CheckDuplicate @description: Adds Record Id as value and index, to table if it does not alrea... e ]] function CheckDuplicate(table, ptr) local id = fhGetRecordId(ptr) if table[id] == nil then table[id] = id return false else return true
Build Data Reference Functions (code snippet)
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ces from an item pointer, and provides the record id and type tag for the associated record. If the pointer is invalid it returns empty strings and 0 record id. This function is a compatible evolution of the previous [[#... lies an item pointer for a data reference, record id, and record type tag. The data reference may be r
Prompt For Folder (code snippet)
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hen return iup.CLOSE end end} local function set (id,value,attrib) iup.TreeSetUserId(tree,id,{value,attrib}) end local function get(id) return iup.TreeGetUserId(tree,id) end local function f
Check Version In Store (code snippet)
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===== Description ===== Using either the **Store Id** or the **Plugin Name (title)** or **Plugin File... Checks the version in the plugin store by name or id @Parms: 1: String, must be either 'id' or 'name' or 'file' 2: Number where 'id' search, or string where 'name' or 'file' search @Returns: 1
Estimated Death Dates (code snippet)
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dDeathDate",ptrIndi,"LATEST",intGens) local dateMid = fhNewDatePt() if dateMin:IsNull() or dateMax:I... end if anyDate then -- Need approximate MID year & month local intDays = ( GetDayNumber(da... month is remainder fraction of year * 12 dateMid = fhCallBuiltInFunction("CalcDate",dateMin,intYea... eMax:SetNull() end end return { Min=dateMin; Mid=dateMid; Max=dateMax; } -- Return EARLIEST, MID,
Estimated Birth Dates (code snippet)
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dBirthDate",ptrIndi,"LATEST",intGens) local dateMid = fhNewDatePt() if not ( dateMin:IsNull() or dat... t month is remainder fraction of year * 12 dateMid = fhCallBuiltInFunction("CalcDate",dateMin,intYear,intMnth) end return { Min=dateMin; Mid=dateMid; Max=dateMax; } -- Return EARLIEST, MID, LATEST dates end -- function EstimatedBirthDates </
SQL Lite Example Usage (code snippet)
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host varchar(500), folder varchar(50), userid varchar(50), password varchar(50), UNIQUE (key)) ... ehost', folder = '/', userid = 'user', password = 'password', ... nsert into settings (directory, host, folder, userid, password) Values('%s','%s','%s','%s','%s')]],set... ectory,,settings.folder,settings.userid,settings.password) else -- Update
Word Load Data Direct Into (code snippet)
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ismod consulatu usu. Eam alii lobortis voluptatum id, denique eligendi pertinax quo ne. Vis congue eir... ax abhorreant eu his, ipsum dicam dissentiunt pri id. Kasd erant dolorum id sed, ei vim partem deseruisse, ne mea dico tantas alienum. Has cu facilisis me... ut ius. Ad has erat honestatis. Malis animal aliquid id usu. Nulla utinam appellantur cu qui, scripta
Result Set Creation (code snippet)
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blResults.indi = {title='Record'} = {title='id',type='integer',align='align_right',width=20} tblResults.death = {title='Death'}... hGetItemPtr(pi,'~.DEAT.DATE')) pi:MoveNext() end fhOutputResultSetTitles("All Individuals",
Display FHUG Wiki Help (code snippet)
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StrFHUG = "" -- GUI Help & Advice Dialogue -- function GUI_... end -- Create the WebBrowser based on its ProgID and connect it to LuaCOM local oleControl = iup.... ) local sPath = ''..sUrl local btn_ok = iup.butto
Read and Write Database Files Using ADO (code snippet)
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dule from [[]]. <code lua ReadWriteDatabase.fh_lua> --[[ @Title: Work with Database Tables @Author: Jane
Relationship Codes (code snippet)
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a> local ptrX = fhNewItemPtr() ptrX:MoveToRecordById("INDI",1) local ptrY = fhNewItemPtr() ptrY:MoveToRecordById("INDI",6) local list = RelationCodes( ptrX, ptrY
CSV Data Load (code snippet)
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ld contain descriptions @usage provide valid filename, use ipairs loop to use resulting table
Excel Load Data Direct Into (code snippet)
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lls(row, 2).Value2 = fhCallBuiltInFunction('RecordId',pi) pi:MoveNext() end excel.DisplayAlerts =