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Family Tree Tips ~ Diagram Hyperlinks PDF
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====== Family Tree Tips ~ Diagram Hyperlinks PDF ====== ===== Introduction ===== An alternative way of na... ing the website is to create a **Family Historian Diagram PDF** file, where each **Individual Box** has a *... PC. Then having found an **Individual** in the **Diagram**, a click on the **Hyperlink** immediately opens their featured **Web Page**. ===== Diagram Style and Content ===== The style and content of
Family Tree ~ Tips and Tricks and Popups
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or colour and other styles on every page. * [[Diagram Hyperlinks PDF|Diagram Hyperlinks PDF]] ~ Create a PDF Diagram with a Hyperlink per Box that links to a featured Individual page.
Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 4 – Add Items for Table of Contents
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**Photographic Image** or any **Family Historian Diagram** saved in JPEG File (.jpg), GIF File (.gif), PNG... roject Folder**, or any **Family Historian Report/Diagram** in PDF File (.pdf) format. The [[Tips and Trick... section explains how to create a Family Historian Diagram in PDF, where each Individual box has a hyperlink