Property Box Dialogue: Individuals: Facts Tab


The Facts tab shows the Events and Attributes relevant to the Individual person either directly or via their Family or Witness connections. If sorted by Date, the upper pane provides a timeline of their life history.

By selecting any Fact, the associated details are shown in the lower pane, and in the Sources For pane alongside.


The Facts tab shows facts derived from potentially many records including:-

  1. blue bullets ~ This Individual record itself
  2. red bullets ~ The joint Spouse Family record(s)
  3. blue arrows ~ The Witnessed facts from relevant Individual & Family records
  4. grey bullets & shaded ~ The Timeline Facts from Individual & Family records of many relatives

The Witnessed fact details are accessed via the cog Menu > Witnesses or right-click Witnesses.

The Timeline Facts can be shown or hidden by the Show Timeline Facts button between the upper and lower pane. They are defined via the adjacent cog Menu > Timeline Facts or the Tools > Preferences > General > Timeline Facts command.

Such Facts from different records but with the same Date are listed in the order shown above, and cannot be altered.

Only Facts within the current record will appear on the All tab.

Most Reports only include the facts from 1. and 2. above, but Narrative Reports include 3. above too.

The More column in the upper pane indicates whether each fact has Witnesses, Media, or Notes.

The Show Media button allows such Media images to be managed.

Fast-Add Facts

fh V6 introduced the Fast-Add Menu to the Add Facts button, governed by the setting in the Tools > Fact Types definition of each fact. The order of the facts in this menu is different from the Fact Types list and is determined by the following criteria:

  1. Facts are grouped according to their Normal Time Frame setting with None first and Post-Death last
  2. Then Individual facts come before Family facts within each Normal Time Frame
  3. Events come before Attributes within those categories above
  4. Facts in the Standard fact set are first, followed by Custom fact sets in Fact Set precedence order
  5. Finally, facts are listed in the order they appear within their fact set (.fhf) file