Places and Addresses

What Is a Place

This may sound obvious, but a Place is a geographic location.

Place and Address ~ What's the Difference?


There have been many discussions on places and addresses at FHUG the following seem to be fairly constant.

  • Keep Places consistent.
  • Always include the county and country. You may know you mean Birmingham, West Midlands, England. If you share your data, someone else will not. In addition new tools like Map My Family Tree and Family Atlas need "simple" Place names to work well, as does the built in Geocoding in fh 6 and above.
  • Include the house number, street information in the Address and not the Place.
  • Church names should be recorded in the Address.

See also the GEDCOM Definition below.

Place and Address Management

There is a Work With Data tool which allows global management, editing and combining of Places and Addresses on the Tools menu.

fh V6 introduced Place records that offer another global management option together with geocode mapping of Latitude & Longitude.

Place Qualifiers

Qualifier Description
Short Places are displayed in shortened format. Only text up to the first comma (if any) is displayed.
Medium Places are displayed in a slightly shortened format. Text up to the second comma only (if there are two) is displayed.
Tidy The full place details are displayed, but extra commas are removed.
Full The full place details are displayed (this is the default).

Problems With Places

People migrating from "Family Tree Maker" often have huge problems with Places when imported from FTM, which records attribute values in the Place field.

Although it is a big job to correct the place data in this circumstance it is highly recommended to do so as the long-term benefits outweigh the short-term pain.

GEDCOM Definition


PLACE_VALUE = "The jurisdictional name of the place where the event took place…"


ADDRESS_STRUCTURE = "The address structure should be formed as it would appear on a mailing label…"

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