Method 2 'source lumpers' mode


There are essentially two methods of adding Source Citations:

  • Method 1 'source splitters' mode where each specific document has its own Source record
  • Method 2 'source lumpers' mode where an entire class of documents has one Source record

There is no one Method that need be applied universally to any Project. It is the Source Citation details that determine which Method is most appropriate for each Source Document, so some will be better suited to Method 1 and others to Method 2. It is common to find both Methods used in a Project.

A significant consideration is to avoid duplicating Source Citation data in the Project database. Thus the criteria for preferring Method 2 over Method 1 are quite simple:

  • Will a Source Document Media image NOT be needed?
  • Will a Text From Source transcript NOT be needed?
  • Will this type of Source Document have only one Source Citation for one reference?

The more Yes answers suggest that Method 2 may be a better alternative as explained below.

Whichever Method is chosen, it is advisable to investigate the impact on Reports, Diagrams, Queries, and other features you anticipate using, before committing all Source Citations to that Method.

It is important to ensure multiple Citations for any one reference are identical as far as the details included in a Report are concerned to avoid multiple Ibid. entries in the Sources section. That is more of a risk with Method 2 because the Citations hold much of the reference data.


Typically, using Method 2, each Source record will be associated with an entire class of documents such as all UK GRO Birth/Marriage/Death Indexes. So there may be fewer Source records than with Method 1.

In the Family Historian Sample Project of fh V6 consider Thomas Smith MUNRO [80].
In his Property Box the 1871 Death fact cites Source record Statutory Deaths Index Scotland.
Nothing else cites that Source for that Where within Source death index reference Q4 1871 Glasgow 56 ddcd and no image or transcript is needed. Thomas Smith MUNRO [80] Property Box Click the big blue right-pointing arrow Go To Source Record button to view the Source record with its Text From Source field and Media tab both empty. Source Record


In the above example no new Source record is needed for each Citation. Just add the existing Source, and enter the Where within Source or other details in the Citation fields.

If Method 1 were used it has the overhead of creating a new Source record for each index reference without any advantages.


It is very easy to add a Media image or Text From Source transcript to such a solitary Citation without duplicating any data.