Individual Record Notes


A simple list style report of local & shared record Notes for Individual and associated Family records, and based on the Individual Summary Report.

Select Records

In the Select Records dialogue choose one or more Individual records using the:

  • Individuals tab to choose any Individual records
  • Named Lists tab to include anyone from Named Lists
  • Add Relatives button to include Ancestors or Descendants or Spouses
  • Add/Remove using Query buttons to include/exclude anyone via a Query

Report Options

In the Report Window use the Report > Report Options command, or the Options button in right-hand panel, to open the Report Options customisation dialogue, and review the advice via the Help button on each tab.

To show more or larger media images try increasing the Max Pics or their Height & Width on both the Pictures and Sources tabs.

To show Record Id, add [=RecordId()] via the Format tab Heading > Record > Edit > Heading Text dialogue.

Further advanced customisation is explained by the Report Content, Media, Format and Layout advice.